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Protein Bowl


Only available between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm Mondays.

1. Start with a bed of FRESH QUINOA 2. Add one PROTEIN 3. Add four VEGGIES 4. Top with one NUT/SEED 5. Dress it Ingredients: Caesar-180 cal lite ranch-186 cal Asian sesame-82 cal balsamic vinaigrette-180 cal citrus vinaigrette-139 cal almonds-40 cal sesame seeds-103 cal hemp hearts-45 cal tomato-30 cal spring mix-18 cal spinach-30 cal red pepper-24 cal red onion-33 cal olives-19 cal kale-42 cal jalapenos-8 cal green pepper-15 cal cucumber-24 cal chickpeas-44 cal black beans-74 cal beets-20 cal turkey breast-75 cal hummus-180 cal un’chicken (vegetarian)-118 cal avocado-150 cal quinoa-135 cal chicken breast-99 cal